The Pigs

We currently have five pigs.  Four are a mix between Oxford Sandy and Blacks and British Lops, both of which are traditional rare breed pigs (with the British Lop being endangered and the Oxford Sandy and Black being at risk). And one pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black pig, a breed renowned for its friendly temperament and excellent mothering skills that we have totally fallen in love with!  We hope in 2020 to have weaners available to help keep the  breed alive.

The Animals


The Sheep 

We have three pet sheep that we have hand reared from a few days old.  They are Texel cross breed and are well and truly spoiled, loving a good head scratch.  We hope next  year to add to our flock with a couple of rare breed Leicester Longwool ewes.


The Chickens

We have an ever growing flock of chickens of varying breeds ranging from your usual brown hens to cream legbars, marans, silkies, bantams and two cockerels. Despite having just over 40 chickens, every chicken has a name and thanks to the variety of breeds, our eggs are a lovely mix of cream, dark brown, blue/green and white! 


The Geese

There are four Embden geese on the Maughan smallholding.  Gordon, Fiona, Ramsey and Shirley who spend their time patrolling the field looking very important.